Alignment Neutral
Classes Rogue, Warrior
Homeland Various regions
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Toril
Classification Small humanoid
Languages Common, Halfling

Halfling also known as hin or good folk amongst other races are a petite race with similar features to a human.



Halflings are dexterous and swift humanoids with quick reflexes. They have an natural ability of hiding safely when sudden danger lurks nearby. Halflings, who by large have a strong force of personality, are also intensely courageous and are more likely to retain their valor than most other humanoids, even when under the effects of a spell or other power. Besides this, they can be best described as a lucky streak thanks to their second chance ability, this makes it less likely for a halfing to be wounded in perilous circumstances.

It should also be noted that halflings' small size effects their ability to wield stronger, heavier weapons like greatswords or halberds.

It is sometimes said that halflings are weaker for the wear than other humanoids, and as a trend, halflings tend to be weaker. However, this is not a universal truth of the race. Similarly, although many have an excellent sense of hearing, not all do.


A halfling community is often tightly-knit, usually near settlements being inhabited by other races. A majority of halflings do not recognize the claims of a king or nobles as sovereign leaders but instead look up to their elders to guide them. This focus on bloodlines has enabled halfling traditions to continue for millennia relatively intact.

Halfling culture has a fondness toward legends and stories and is traditionally rich in oral. So much care is put into the retelling of traditional stories and their preservation that halflings often unwittingly have access to lore about ancient and long gone cultures or empires that others have long since forgotten about. Numerous halflings are able to recall details from their ancient history, though it is often wrapped in the shrouds of legends. Halflings have undergone something of a cultural and philosophical change throughout the Hundred Years of Chaos. During this time, the typical halfling aversion to adventure for its own sake has been overcome by a powerful sense of wanderlust. Halfling-run adventure companies are now common in many major cities of Faerûn.


Halfling history is, by and large, like the race, unremarkable. With the exception of the strongheart nation of Luiren halflings do not even have a unified culture to call their own. Evidence and records state that the hafling are fairly new, as a race. They came about after the creator races' fall and Abeir-Toril's splitting. They came around about the same time as the dwarves did. The original homeland for the halflings is unknown, it was possibly in the location south of Shaar and smaller numbers were seen in the North. The Hins Ghostwars was the tragic event that separated the three halfling races we know today.


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