Alignment Neutral evil
Classes Warrior, Shaman, High priest, Dark priest
Homeland Charr Homelands
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Tyria
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Unknown

Grawl are a race of primitive ape humanoids that inhabit the Charr Homelands and Shiverpeak's southern area. They appear in the "Guild Wars" series.


The grawl seem to fight alongside the charr, why exactly has never been explained. The only time the charr and grawl ever worked together was when Vatlaaw Doomtooth, a charr ranger formed an alliance with Torch Harrowkeeper. Since the grawl often dwell in the Charr Homelands, human collector, Galton Franks believes that they are primitive charr or proto-charr.

In a region known as Regent Valley, two groups of grawl are fighting each other, this was likely a result of a civil or religious split.

It should also be noted that grawl are weak to cold damage and lightning damage.


The grawl have a culture that has not been explained much, they are bestial and often have a primitive culture. They are also not as intelligent as others.


Religion of the grawl is never explored much, a human historian named Durmand believes that the necklaces they wear has to do with their faith. Grawl also have been seen in groups near locations with statues that depict the Gods of Tyria.


  • In the Guild Wars Alpha, the grawl were once called "trogs" or "troglodytes".

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