Ethereal nexus-stalker
Ethereal nexus-stalker
Alignment Lawful evil, Neutral (presumed)
Classes Rogue
Homeland Netherstorm
Leader(s) Salhadaar
Homeworld Outland (formerly known as Draenor)
Classification Uncategorized humanoid
Languages Common

Ethereal nexus-stalkers are a type of ethereal technically considered as a subrace. They were created by the Ethereum. Nexus-stalkers appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.

Background & OverviewEdit

Ethereal nexus-stalkers are often considered abberations by the Protectorate ethereal faction. Though it was initially believed that the Ethereum was dedicated to hunting down and taking revenge on Dimensius, it was later discovered that their true achievement was to become part of the Void. To that end, they constructed a proto-accelerator which was used to manipulate the abundance of void energy at Manaforge Ultris, bonding it with their own energy to transform into nexus-stalkers

It is unknown if any still exist due to the end of Salhadaar plans thanks to the Protectorate. Or if they still factor into the long-term goals of the Ethereum.

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