Earthen dwarf
Earthen dwarf
Alignment Neutral good
Classes Warrior, Shaman
Homeland Storm Peaks (Bouldercrag's group)

Deepholm (Oremantle's group)

Leader(s) Bouldercrag (Northrend leader)

Stonefather Oremantle (Deepholm leader)

Homeworld Azeroth
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Titan, Dawrven, Common

Earthen dwarves are a race of dwarves that have more of a rocky appearance then the earthen. They appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Northrend ActivityEdit

Earthen dwarves are first encountered in Northrend in the Storm Peaks region. They are in the middle of a war with the iron dwarves that took over the titan facility of Ulduar. They are trying to win the battle and retake the titan facility. Bouldercrag, an earthen dwarf, is working with famous Ironforge dwarf explorer Brann Bronzebeard. He has sent men to help Brann inside Ulduar. Eventually the earthen dwarves are successful but lose many men in their effort.


The earthen dwarves of Deepholm, led by Stonefather Oremantle and are trying to ward off the stone troggs. Since they've been living in Deepholm for a while and have been at war with the stone troggs for quite sometime now. They are attemtping to recollect all the World Pillars which hold up Deepholm. The Twilight's Hammer cult is the main cause of this event. Eventually, with the help of adventurers, Stonefather Oremantle wins the trogg battle.