Alignment Neutral
Classes Brute, Shaman, Scout, Seer
Homeland Underground Tyria
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Tyria
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common

Dredge are a race of mole humanoids that are intelligent and live underground. They appear in the "Guild Wars" series.


Dredges inhabit the northern continent of Tyria. They are enslaved by the dwarves of Stone Summit and will willingly fight alongside anybody who will free their race from slavery. A few small colonies in Echovald Forest escaped dredge jealously to defend their prized freedom. Some offsprings escaped by by tunneling a long way to reach their new home. These dredge do not want any friendship with humans. They escaped slavery on their own and plan to estsblish their race anew in the petrified woodlands. Dredge villages are marked by large dirt mounds as they live together underground in tunnels. They work to connect each others tunnel networks. At your own peril will anyone fight a Canthan dredge.