Alignment Neutral evil
Classes Warrior, Barbarian, Mage
Homeland Subterranean Tamriel
Leader(s) Dragons
Homeworld Nirn
Classification Undead humanoid
Languages Unknown dialect

Draugr are a race of undead, formerly nordic people from Tamriel. They appear in the "Elder Scrolls" series.


Draugr were once nordic people who resided in Skyrim. it is claimed by many that the draugr once served the dragons, some have used several words of power. They are commonly found in crypts, tombs and catacombs often wielding special weapons like swords, axes and bows. It should also be noted that during life they were cannibalistic, this cursed them and forced them to wander as undead. it is also possible they were cursed due to betraying their race for the dragons.

Amongst the Draugr - BookEdit

A mage named Bernadette Bandian from Winterhold wrote a book about the draugr and their behavior. It was about her studies of the undead race. It is revealed that it took seven months to be able to approach a draugr without being regarded as a threat. Bernadette discovered a draugr language that could not be understood or deciphered. At one point when the undead nordic warrior came to pay homage, a distinct flow of life-force could be noted between the followers and the priest.

Recently revealed by various adventurers in Skyrim is the discovery of spectral or ghostly appearances of the draugr. The purpose of these ghosts are unknown.