Alignment Chaotic evil
Classes Alchemist
Homeland Blackrock Mountain
Leader(s) Various dragons
Homeworld Azeroth
Classification Natural humanoid (dragonkin)
Languages Draconic, Common

Dragonmen are a fairly new race of large dragonkin. They appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Dragonmen are created by fusing a humanoid with a dragonspawn. The fusion causes the being to loose some intelligence or if the fusion failed, an abberation will be made.

The first dragonman was a human named Malory, he was a young person who worked as an alchemist. One day, Malory was captured by Nefarian, a black dragon and fused Malory's body with a dragonspawn corpse making Maloriak. Due to the fusion, Malory lost a lot of his intelligence.


  • Blizzard, the creators of the "World of Warcraft" series originally made the dragonmen a playable race.
  • In a art book written by Blizzard, dragonmen were playable and had no horns.

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