Alignment Chaotic evil
Classes Warrior, Wizard, Mage, Corruptor, Summoner, Black mage
Homeland Valdeaunia
Leader(s) Shadow Lord
Homeworld Gaia
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Unknown

Demons are a type of beastman encountered in the Valdeaunia region. They appear in the "Final Fantasy" series.


Demon beastmen are winged creatures and known as Kindred by some. They have a damage-absorbing outer shell that was once armor that was edited with evil enchantments. In addition to their highly advanced fighting skills, they are also known to possess high levels of intellect, which they have used to receive various kinds of potent magic.


During the Great War, the demon served in the Shadow Lord's elite guard ruling over the beastmen of Gaia with fear. To make sure the beastmen were following orders, many of the Kindred would act as messengers, traveling to and from Castle Zhavl. When the Great War ended, the demons vanished. With recent rumors of the Shadow Lord's return, people have spotted demons in Valdeaunia. Many theories exist about their origin, the most popular one is that the Shadow Lord made a pact with them after traveling deep into the Hell of Gaia.