The Deku Butler - A standard looking deku.
Alignment Neutral, Neutral evil
Classes N/A
Homeland Hyrule
Leader(s) Deku King
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Fey humanoid
Languages Hylian

Deku are a race of nut-like beings of various shapes and size. They live in Hyrule and it's nearby lands. They often appear in the "Legend of Zelda" series.


Deku are often seen living in the dense, wooded regions of Hyrule. However, in Termina they live in a swamp in their current capital, Deku Palace.

The most basic type of Deku encountered are the scrub. They shoot Deku nuts out of their mouths and someone with a shield must deflect them. If the deflection is successful and hits the Deku scrub, then it will engage into conversation and sell basic items needed for a slightly higher price then shops. Mad scrubs are constantly hostile and quick and fire nuts much faster at the attacker. Business scrubs have more humanoid body parts and when defeated sell items at a regular, standard price.

In Termina, Link will eventually be able to transform into a deku and use special abilities. Instead of using an ocarina, Link uses wooden pipes to make music.

Race StatusEdit

During the events involving the Twilight Princess, the deku race, much like the kokiri seemly disappeared. The exact cause for the sudden loss of races remains a mystery. No known speculation has suggested the deku race's status either.


  • The deku appear to be a type of fey humanoid, this is unconfirmed.