Alignment Neutral evil
Classes None
Homeland Hyrule
Leader(s) None
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Uncategorized creature
Languages None

ChuChu are creatures made out of a jelly substance. They commonly appear in the "Legend of Zelda" Series.


ChuChu are found in packs most of the time, they may look comical but they are a threat. A sword slash or a boomerang can easily defeat a ChuChu. Due to being a minor threat, potion makers often ask for their jelly, different chu jellies means different potion flavors and side-effects. ChuChu's are also seen in a variety colors, commony seen as red, green, blue, yellow and rarely dark.


  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple


  • ChuChu drop different colored jelly depending on their color.
  • ChuChu jelly can be used to make potions.