Chaos orc
Chaos orc
Alignment Chaotic neutral, Chaotic evil
Classes Blademaster, Raider, Warlock, Grunt, Peon
Homeland Draenor regions
Leader(s) Grom Hellscream (formerly)
Homeworld Draenor
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Orcish

Chaos orcs are a race of red orcs that drank from Mannoroth's Chaos Well which caused these orcs to become corrupted. They appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Chaos orcs once were part of the Warsong clan tyhat followed Grom Hellscream's decision to drink from the Chaos Well to become far more powerful in order to defeat or kill Cenarius and his allies, the Shadowleaves, Moonhunters and Nightblades. By drinking from the Chaos Well their sized slightly increased and they turned red.

Chaos orcs are able to use a special type of damage called chaos damage.

Another banner the chaos orcs fought under the Burning Blade clan during the First War. Some of the orcs who passed through the Dark Portal were driven mad, becoming chaos orcs and joining the Burning Blade.

Since chaos orcs are inactive and not seen often, they are central area for evolution speculation.



It has been speculated that chaos orcs are the possible form right before evolving into a complete fel orc. This can be backed up by appearance of the red orcs presumably seen throughout Azeroth and Draenor's ruins, the Outland. The ones seen have no strange colored eyes, deformed faces, backs or heads.


Chaos orcs may also be orcs that originally drank Mannoroth's blood but stopped at some point which would cause some sort of block to full corruption. It is also possible that an orc goes through different corruption stages to look naturally red or deformed, monster-like red with ugly features.

Mag'har RelationsEdit

It has also been rumored that the red orcs seen by adventurers are merely different colored mag'har. This can be related to the fact that red orcs are seen guarding the Dark Portal while serving the Horde.


  • Blizzard Entertainment, who created the "World of Warcraft" series have not answered any questions or filled any gaps about the theories.