Alignment Lawful evil, Neutral evil, Chaotic evil
Classes Hunter
Homeland The Shadowfell, Plane of Shadow (formerly)
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Toril
Classification Shadow humanoid (undead)
Languages Common
Bodaks are a race of what is left of a humanoid. They have been touched by evil, often in nightwalker form. They appear in the "Forgotten Realms" series.


Bodaks are creatures without a personality, they are terrible and relentlessness hunters. either of their own volition or at the behest of some greater power, such as the nightwalker that created them.


Due to them being undead, they have a weakness to light which makes them deny light when able to. Bodaks are not affected by poisons or diseases and therefore have a major resistance to necromancer magic.


Bodaks have an ability that allows them to stare into a nearby creature's soul which can injure or kill the target if already very weak. Creatures killed by the "gaze of death" are destine to become bodaks. Bodaks have a death aura surrounding them which will wound or hinder a person if they are at least twenty-five feet away.

Other InformationEdit

Many undead creatures are feared by living people due to the immense power they hold, but no undead is as feared as the bodak. The result of becoming a bodak is being a humanoid and being attacked with powerful necrotic magic. The surge of negative energy combined with the pain and anguish of the victim sometimes reform into a the feared undead monstorsity.

Bodaks can be found in the furthest corners of Abeir-Toril. They are always hiding from light becuase it affects them greatly. These undead creatures barely remember their life when they were alive, but sometimes one will have a flashback in battle and they will stop fighting. The person the bodak was attacking will likely not be attacked again for a while. Anyhow, the only thing bodaks truly remember is hatred and anguish. Bodaks are absolutely evil and seek only to destroy every living things. This desire is easily achieved by a bodak, as its gaze is deadly. Anyone who stares at a bodak's eye will instantly die and return one day as a bodak.


  • Bodak have a similar appearance to the real world's perspective of extraterrestrial life.