Alignment Lawful neutral, Neutral good
Classes Warrior, Elementalist, Necromancer
Homeland Depths of Tyria
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Tyria
Classification Natural humanoid (small)
Languages Common (presumed)
Asura are a race of small creatures with large ears. They are a playable race and are featured in the "Guild Wars" series.


Asura inhabit subterranean lands on the planet of Tyria. The asura have made a creation as well known as Asura Gates. Asura view themselves as better than everyone else due to their intellect. They have been forced to go up to the surface due to the increasing destroyer threat. Asura traverse the world of Tyria via Asura Gates, or long range portals scattered across the Depths of Tyria.



Little is known about Asura architecture. It appears as if they build sculptures.


  • In Hinduism and Buddhism, Asura are semi-divine creatures. However, both religions have different outlooks on the name and meaning. It is unknown if the Asura from "Guild Wars" were inspired by this.
  • Asura clothing appears to be based off of Mesoamerican and Native American cultures.
  • The Asura Gates bear a resemblance to the Stargates from the TV Series and Movie.

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