A render of an armos.
Alignment Chaotic evil (animated)
Classes Warrior
Homeland Hyrule
Leader(s) Gorons (presumably before)
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Animated object
Languages None
Armos are pesky, animated statues of armor that block pathways in dungeons. They are featured in the "Legend of Zelda" series and are very common in them as well.


When a person walks up next to one, the armos engages in combat and proceeds to hop toward him. It is known that after taking so much damage, the armos hops around and explodes. They are often found in trap rooms and must be defeated to unlock the door again, sometimes they even block access to a treasure chest.


When Link goes searching for the Minish Cap, it is revealed that an ancient tribe of birds created the armos known as the Wind Tribe. They are also present in the Lanayru Desert during Hyrule's beginning years. This means that the Wind Tribe have been around for a very, very long time.


In the game, "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", the goron emblem is present on armos' heads.

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