Alignment Neutral good, Neutral evil
Classes Warrior, Thief, Mage, Archer, Assasin
Homeland Black Marsh
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Nirn
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common
Argonians are a race of reptilian humanoids residing in the treacherous Black Marsh. They are a playable race and appear in the "Elder Scrolls" series.


Argonians come from the Black Marsh. Years of protecting their border has made the argonians expert guerrilla warfare fighters. They can live on land and in water, it is also known they can breathe underwater as well. Argonians have developed natural immunities to poisons and diseases, that have caused the death of many adventurers. They are great thieves due to their amazing stealth and lockpicking skills.



After taking control of the dunmer land of Morrowind following the Red Mountain eruption they created new politics, which are a mystery currently.

Victims of RacismEdit

The argonians of Skyrim are treated terribly. The nord population forces them to live outside their city walls of Windhelm on the city docks. After the dunmer exodus and argonians to the city, the citizens became to grow suspicions, worried that the dunmer and argonians would destroy their culture and force them into segregation. The events of this were heavily affected by the Empire of Tamriel and the Skyrim rulers.


Unlike Skyrim's inhabitants who marry using the Amulet of Mara, some argonains stick to their Black Marsh culture and give their lovers an Argonian Wedding Band, which is crafted by courting members. It is known that each ring has is unique and has personal meaning to the recipient and the creator.

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