Aquatic faceless one
Aquatic faceless one
Alignment Chaotic evil
Classes N/A
Homeland Seas of Azeroth
Leader(s) Old Gods
Homeworld Azeroth
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Faceless
Aquatic facelss ones are an unoffical subrace of faceless ones that dwell deep in Azeroth's seas and rarely swamps. They have larger eyes then their other brethren. They are featured in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Around the time of Shattering, aquatic faceless ones surfaced on Azeroth. The naga called them for aid in defeating Neptulon, the Elemental Lord of Water, by an enormous kraken named Ozumat. These same types of faceless ones also began appearing on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms in regions such as Darkshore, Ashenvale, Swamp of Sorrows and a few others.

An aquatic faceless one is encountered by goblins on the Lost Isles commanding the naga forces there. The same faceless one claims he knows the history of the goblins, but the goblins believe he is a naga, just a deformed one.

Many other aquatic faceless ones began appearing in other regions in disguise. In the Twilight Highlands during a wildhammer dwarf wedding, one the dwarves was a disguised aquatic faceless one. In Stormwind City another aquatic faceless one is disguised as Major Samuelson.


  • Aquatic faceless ones have little known lore due to recently surfacing on Azeorth.