Aesir titan
Aesir titan
Alignment Lawful neutral
Classes Healer, Druid of the wild, Shaman, Barbarian, Fighter, Wizard
Homeland Unnamed region
Leader(s) Aman'Thul
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Natural humanoid (giant)
Languages Titan, Common

Aesir titan are a subrace of titans with platinum skin tasked with protecting Azeroth after the old gods were imprisoned. They appear in the "World of Warcraft" series, but not physically.


When the old gods were imprisoned, the aesir were tasked with protecting Azeroth. In the Common langaue, "Aesir" means storm giant, but it also stands for a type of titan. Aesir are considered more agile, smarter and stronger compared to the vanir titan. When creating Azeroth, they crafted the skies and oceans. Their power sphere is made up of strom, water and frost. They are highly reclusive, staying away from all mortal creatures, not wanting to disrupt the delicate balance of their evolution. Direct children to the aesir are the mountain giant and sea giants which were created to help them tend over Azeroth's oceans and skies. These same titan have connections to air elementals and water elementals.


  • Like all the titan races in World of Warcraft, the aesir inhabit an unknown planet
  • The leader of all titans, Aman'Thul, an aesir titan, has lightning powers. This is likely a nod off of Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning.

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